Friday, January 17, 2014

Brazilian Cocoa

Vacation for us also means business. In search of the best recipe, we need to have the best ingredients to achieve the most amazing taste of our Brigadeiros. I, Danielle, Candy Rockstar at Doce B Shop, took advantage of my time in Bahia, Brazil and went after the most amazing 100% natural cocoa that I could have ever find - I couldn’t miss that opportunity.

ItacarĂ©, Bahia, Brazil is part of what it is called “Cocoa Coast”. I had to take advantage of my time while there and look for the opportunity to find the best key ingredient in order to make our handmade Brazilian candy with a 100% organic Brazilian cocoa.

Here are the results of my search:

Marly, known as the Cocoa Queen, buys the Cocoa seeds from local farmers and does the rest of the process herself; Toast it, peel it and makes things you would have never imagined could be made with cocoa: jelly, honey, juice and different types of candies. Everything she sells in her store is a 100% handmade production. The fact that it is old school and rustic, is what makes it even better.

That’s the Cocoa Jelly – delicious!

“CafĂ© Cacau” is a much known Cocoa business in the region, they have good reviews on Trip Adviser, plus I found a lot of news in the internet about Marly and her amazing Cocoa business.

In one of the articles I found online, Marly says that she considers it a gift the fact that she was raised by her father on a farm.  She learned how to preserve the nature and take advantage of it. Beca, her father, used to gather his kids and show them all the hard work the ants do, and then tell his kids that the humans have to do the same in order to survive. 

I had the chance to talk to her and tell about our business here in Michigan, she is a sweetheart and will be more than happy to do business with us here at the Doce B Shop.

We know it is a long way for the toasted seeds to travel, but Marly said they last up to one year. J

So here it is:
Straight from Brazil

To our kitchen

Especially for you!

The 100% Brazilian organic cocoa will be used to make our Special Edition Dark Chocolate Brigadeiro. We hope you enjoy it! J

Special Edition Dark Chocolate